Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving In: Part 2

I know...the moment you have all been waiting for...what does our apartment look like now?

Imagine walking in the front door of 442 and seeing a living room on your right and a kitchen on your left. This is what you would see if you came to visit us today.

(If you can name this movie you get extra credit points)

Eventually I want to put more decorations up on top of those cabinets, but if I waited to do this post until that was done, who knows when you would be reading this. 

Now imagine you are walking straight ahead down a short hallway. First you pass a bathroom (no pictures of this...its a bathroom...use your imagination) and then you come to two rooms - a bedroom on your right and an office on your left. 

The office is still a work in progress, which is why you only get a pictures of the desk. The rest is just an organized mess. 

I love the apartment we created, I just wish we could paint these boring white walls. 

I hope you liked the tour - come visit for real some time!