Sunday, April 3, 2011

Around Here, We Like Food

But let's be honest, who doesn't like food?

One of our favorite foods to make is homemade pizza (or calzones). I make the dough and Carson pretends he is in one of the New Jersey pizzerias he frequented on his mission as he shapes it into a pizza.

This takes a lot of practice but he is getting good at it. Then, we top our masterpiece with sauce, lots of cheese, pepperoni, green peppers, and lots Italian sausage. Delicious.

A few weeks ago I went to a Relief Society activity with my mother-in-law and we learned to make artisan bread. I made mine with Italian seasoning and it seriously tasted like something straight out of Carrabbas (one of my favorite restaurants). 

I can't wait to try this again.  Hopefully with one of these to help me out (wishful thinking).

As a wedding present I got a cupcake recipe book that I can't wait to experiment with. A lot of the recipes look difficult, but I decided to start out easy and make this for my brother's birthday. 

The cupcakes were homemade vanilla buttermilk with chocolate frosting and a basic vanilla frosting for the letters. I thought they were delicious and my brother said they were a hit around his apartment.


This Semester

Okay, I know the semester is almost over, but I am still in the process of catching up. So, for documentation purposes (and probably not reader interest) let's see what Carson and I are studying this semester.

advanced molecular biology
advanced molecular biology lab

Yep, only two more classes until I am done. They aren't the most interesting classes in the world, but they are necessary.

american heritage
computer aided design (CAD)
technical communication
new testament

He is lucky enough to have both his brother and his mom taking american heritage with him, so they should all do great. CAD takes up a lot of time, but Carson loves it and is really excited about getting into his major. 

Not Too Long Ago...

...we got married. And now you (finally) get to see pictures of it!

Don't blame my fabulous photographer (thank you Jennie Slade) for the lateness of these pictures. I have had them for a while, I'm just terrible at this blogging thing lately.

Warning...there are a lot of pictures in this post. I will not blame you for giving up in the middle.

After the temple...

the whole group

all of the kids (my cousins and Carson's nieces and nephews)


my family

mother of the bride


Carson's family

Carson's mom




The brunch...

The reception...

 the line

 a little sibling rivalry...

...followed by a nap

 the bouquet toss

 yes, there was a train at my wedding

 I guess Carson doesn't like my dancing

the end.

Just kidding. 

A few weeks after the party in Las Vegas we had another reception in Utah. It was lovely and I am so grateful for all of the work Carson's family put into it. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the cake cutting. you go.

I can't express how thankful I am for everyone that made these two days what they were, and I know Carson feels the same way. We felt so loved by all of this and will never forget it.