Thursday, May 5, 2011

Flag Football

Carson loves football. Period. BYU football, New York Giants football, Flake football (with his brothers and cousins), and flag football. 

I have been watching Carson play flag football at BYU since before we were dating. No, I was not stalking him or trying to get his attention so he would ask me out, I was there with Jess as she supported Ryan. And Carson just happened to be there too. 

Last winter the boys won the intramural championships, so they decided it was time to step it up and move up a division. As a result, the last couple of seasons haven't been super successful, but they have still be fun to watch. 

a blurry Carson running for the catch

team huddle time

Carson playing center

I wasn't trying to make this artsy or anything, the sun just happened to be setting right in front of us


Surprise...this post isn't about Carson, (but don't worry, he still has his job) its about me! I know, weird.

I've been working as a personal care administrator (fancy wording for a CNA - certified nursing assistant) at the Courtyard at Jamestown for about four months now and I love it. It is an amazing facility with incredible staff and wonderful residents. I really do love all of the people I work with and for. I have made really great friends - both coworkers and the people I help. 

Of course the job isn't all glamorous (Carson doesn't let me share work stories at dinner anymore). I do some dirty work, but it is all forgotten when a resident tells me how much they appreciate the care I give them.

I'm sure I will be sharing some amusing work stories here from time to time (anonymous of course), but I will leave you with one that happened the other night when I was helping a male resident put on his pajamas. Because of his dementia he didn't really understand what I was doing, and when I tried to pull down his pants he stared at me with a hateful look in his face, grabbed my pants, and yelled "Fine! If you take mine off I'll take yours off! See how you like it!" And then he tried to pull my pants off. Luckily, my belt was pretty tight and he didn't succeed, but I had a good laugh about it after. 

It is these little moments and other, not so angry ones, that make me truly enjoy my job. The majority of the time.