Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holidays Lately

Since I am so behind, I am just going to do a St. Patrick's Day and Easter overview and try to be much better about blogging in a more timely manner. :)

For St. Patrick's Day, Carson and I hosted a brunch for a few friends. We had green pancakes, green syrup, milk (Carson talked me in to not dying it green), Lucky Charms, eggs, and fruit. 

It was quite a spread. I got the ideas for the food and the printables from this post on one of my favorite blogs. I thought it turned out looking great and tasting even better.

For Easter I made some new canvases and posted them on Etsy. This time I decided to do a little springtime collection. 

I have to stop and give a big thanks to Carson for helping me with these canvases. I bought a different material this time and it was impossible to work with and I could not have done it without his help. Let's just say I am not buying that brand of canvas again. 

My mom bought the set and created a really cute Easter mantle. 

On Easter itself Carson and I enjoyed a really nice ham Easter dinner at his parents house - complete with a carrot cake in the shape of a bunny. I wish I would have taken a picture of the table set up because it was beautiful. We have both been so busy with school and work and adult responsibilities (like taxes...uck) that we didn't even have time to dye eggs. Sad. Let's just say we are very excited for a little break once this semester is over.