Friday, October 21, 2011

Carson the "Projecter"

It has already been documented that I do a lot of "projecting" around our apartment. Recently, Carson has been getting in on the action. Thanks to his job at BYU he has access to all kinds of tools and welding materials, so his projects aren't the sewing, paper, or plant type like mine are. They are man projects. 

His latest - a weight rack. 

Remember a long time ago when I posted pictures of our apartment? And how I didn't show you most of our second bedroom because it was a mess? Well, part of the problem was a pile of free weights, gym bags, resistance bands, and an easy bar. Carson doesn't do well with piles. Or anything that isn't organized in general. So, he made his own weight rack to hold the free weights and bar. Everything else has a place underneath it - a perfect solution. 

Carson also put his new found engineering education to work as he designed the weight rack.

First he designed it all in CAD (computer aided design). 

Then CAD gave him this nice picture of it. 
Now all he had to do was make it look like this. 

I think he succeeded. 
What do you think? 

Much better than a pile of stuff.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I love decorating...and Carson loves Halloween. Put the two together and you have a fully Halloween decorated apartment (or at least main room). The only problem is that our decorating styles are completely different. Carson likes his Halloween decorations to be scary, and I like mine cute and happy (and mostly homemade). Putting the two of them together is...interesting. 

I'll show you.

My idea of decorating.

Carson's idea of decorating. (I find this guy super creepy...except for the fact that the position of his left hand makes it look like he doesn't know the answer to my question)

My idea.

Carson's idea.



Get the picture? So all together our apartment is just a mesh of styles. Something like this.

Carson's on the top and mine on the bottom.

Even though it totally doesn't go together, I like it. It makes me get into the mood of Halloween (a holiday I have never really liked to be honest). Now I can't wait for Christmas. Who knows what the two of us will be able to put together.

From the Bookshelf

I recently finished this book.

The biography of our church's prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. 

I really enjoyed this book. I loved reading stories from President Monson's childhood and learning about all of the work he has done for the church. I feel so much closer to him after reading this and so blessed to have him as the president of our church. I know that he was divinely chosen for this time and that he leads us through inspiration from God. 

If you haven't read this book yet I highly recommend it. 

Up next...

I know...totally not even in the same literary category.

BYU vs. Utah

I have said before that Carson and his brothers are huge BYU fans. So of course they had to do something epic for the first home game of the season. I'm not trying to bring up bad memories of the game, (it is still a touchy subject in our house) but the dedication (insanity?) of these boys needs to be documented. 

The event started with a tailgate party at Ryan and Jess's house. 

The girls.

After dinner the boys began painting themselves.

Carson and Collin making sure their hair was as white as possible.

After a while they needed some help.

What would these boys do without their wives? 

The finished product. Not creepy at all. Right?

Even though the game was a disappointment, their hard work (and our awesome seats) got them several appearances on ESPN that night.

Carson says it was a fun experience but doesn't know if he will ever do it again - especially because of the outcome (he is more than a little superstitious when it comes to football).

P.S. I thought this guy was awesome.

Can you see the Y with the cougar on top shaved into his head? Talk about dedication.